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    Korea Judo College Empty Korea Judo College

    Post by NBK on Sun Dec 29, 2013 6:45 am

    Now known as Yong In University
    Wow. 15,000 students, established in 1953 as 'Korea Judo University'.

    That could be an interesting story.


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    Korea Judo College Empty Re: Korea Judo College

    Post by BillC on Sun Dec 29, 2013 6:36 pm

    My sensei went there ... sadly he has passed on and left little in writing about the experience. He talked a lot about "Dr. Lee" who ran the place I guess.

    There is a Korean Judo Association in the US that involves many graduates, they are either dying out, not interested in talking to outsiders ... or maybe both.

    BTW ... is it true that Kano shihan taught judo to Kim Il-sung?

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    Korea Judo College Empty Re: Korea Judo College

    Post by Cichorei Kano on Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:33 am

    NBK wrote:Now known as Yong In University
    Wow.  15,000 students, established in 1953 as 'Korea Judo University'.  

    That could be an interesting story.


    I think that a major problem with this place is that there is a mandatory Korean language test for foreigners before you can enroll. I think this is very prohibitive. What proportion of non-Koreans of whom no parent is Korean or who have no Korean ancestry speak Korean ?  I studied both Chinese and Japanese, but I neither speak nor understand even a single word of Korean. I also studied in 6 different countries, but none of them required that you first had to pass a language test of the country's native language. I could more or less still understand the requirement for undergrad students, but for postgrad, naaah, totally unrealistic given that the main language of scholarly publications is in English and the Koreans are struggling and way behind when it comes to publishing. That's one of the reason they are trying to attract foreign faculty, but the projects are a disaster; they (meaning Korean universities in general) continually screw over foreign faculty with shady contracts, no tenure, typically no senior ranks available solely based on your citizenship/race/gender; senior foreign professors are expected to come in as assistant professors while the dean oftentimes is a Korean kid who is a full professor despite never having published anything, no experience and no skills appropriate to that level of seniority, contracts continue clauses that expect you to teach for free during vacation periods or additional language camps, you are expected upon application to send in all of your original degree certificates by mail paid by yourself which is totally crazy not just because of the costs and insurance but especially for those from countries where it is impossible to get duplicates should the document ever get lost hence conventional wisdom says to only hand-carry such documents and never leave them out of sight; besides, it also makes it impossible to simultaneously apply for more than one place at the same time since you can fulfill that requirement only for one place at the time; you are often expected to pay for your own transportation to attend interviews, and even when they hire you oftentimes no roundtrip ticket is included with your contract; you get 'free' housing, but the 'free' housing is subtracted from your wage. About every foreign faculty member who has ever worked there has horror stories and has felt discriminated against and objectified. But the incompatibility problems already start at the study level. Unless they waive or get rid of this language requirements it remains problematic. This is sad because particularly this place has a huge amount of expertise and experience in the martial arts. They have the famous Ki-Young Jeon among their judo staff and their faculty list of martial arts reads like an hall of fame of the Korean nec plus ultra in the martial arts. This and about one or two other places typically produce the majority of Korean world and Olympic champions be it in taekwondô or jûdô.

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