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    DANRHO KANO judogi review Empty DANRHO KANO judogi review

    Post by nikeid on Tue Sep 16, 2014 5:01 am

    Hi there,

    after bit of waiting, here I am with my review of my today received gi. I am a judoka, been doing judo for 10 years, then stopped for 6 years and now I'm starting again, but my old gi was too short for me. Just for the record - I'm 182cm and 69kg (6 ft, 152 pounds), so pretty thin figure, but I'd say "usual limbs" (not extra long).

    I was looking for a new gi, but we don't have as many options in brands in Czech republic as some have in UK or USA. We basically have Mizuno, Adidas, Dax, Danrho, Noris. No Fushida, Toraki, etc. for us. I was decided to buy Dax Moskito or Danrho Kano, as they're both "european cut". I don't like Adidas design and Mizuno is too expensive for me. Finally - I went for DANRHO KANO.

    I didn't know wether 180S would fit me, or I should rather buy 175S. I went for 175S, because I got an advice from a mom who has a son just like me and he had 180S and she said that it's a bit baggy for him. I got 175S and I don't regret. 170S would be short for me - jacket length especially. 180S would be tooooo baggy for me (mainly shoulder area).

    I'll surely have the pants altered to my figure, as they're a bit wider in the crotch and in the waist. Length is perfect. I'd easily let sleeves of the jacket be shortened of cca 2cm, but I haven't washed it yet, so I'll see then. The jacket fits perfectly, no foldings on your back when you tie your belt.

    Here I add the measurements (before the 1st wash):

    length (shoulder to bottom, without collar): 85cm
    wingspan (sleeve-sleeve length): 165cm
    width of sleeve: 22,5cm
    width of jacket (at bottom): 67,5cm
    width of jacket (at chest): 61,5cm

    length of trousers: 105cm
    width of trousers leg (at bottom): 25cm
    width of trousers (at waist): 54cm

    To sum up - it is a great gi, very nice to wear, nice design and perfect g/m2 (850g/m2). Feels just awesome and is good with lengths (sleeves mainly).
    I'll update the post after the 1st wash. Any questions and comments are appreciated.

    DANRHO KANO: http://www.kwon.com/danrho/judo/396/...orm-kano-white




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    DANRHO KANO judogi review Empty Re: DANRHO KANO judogi review

    Post by nikeid on Sun Sep 21, 2014 8:23 pm

    Measurements after 1st wash in 40°C, hang dry. The machine was washing for about 1:30hrs and it was hanging dry for 36hrs till it was completely dry.

    length (shoulder to bottom, without collar): 84,5cm (0,5cm less)
    wingspan (sleeve-sleeve length): 160,5cm (4,5cm less)
    width of sleeve: 21,5cm (1cm less)
    length of trousers: 101cm (4cm less)

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