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    Sei-ryoku zenyo kokumin taiku


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    Sei-ryoku zenyo kokumin taiku Empty Sei-ryoku zenyo kokumin taiku

    Post by Jonesy Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:07 pm

    Sei-ryoku zenyo kokumin taiku 精力善用国家体育 (Maximum-Efficiency National Physical Education Forms)

    This is a set of physical exercises that are part of judo.  The purpose is to promote the development of strong, healthy minds and bodies in an interesting and useful way. It consists of two groups of exercises, one to be practiced alone, the other with a partner.

    I. Tandoku Renshu (Solo Exercises)

    · Goho-ate (Five-direction Strike)
     · Hidari-mae-naname-ate (Left-front Crossing Blow)
     · Migi-ate (Right Side Blow)
     · Ushiro-ate (Rear Strike)
     · Mae-ate (Front Blow)
     · Ue-ate (Upward Blow)
    · Ogoho-ate Large Five-direction Strike
     · Ohidari-mae-naname-ate (Large Left-front Crossing Blow)
     · Omigi-ate (Large Right Side Blow)
     · Oushiro-ate (Large Rear Strike)
     · Omae-ate (Large Front Blow)
     · Oue-ate (Large Upward Blow)
    · Goho-geri: Five-direction Kick
     · Mae-geri (Front Kick)
     · Ushiro-geri (Rear Kick)
     · Hidari-mae-naname-geri (Left-front Crossing Kick)
     · Migi-mae-naname-geri (Right-front Crossing Kick)
     · Taka geri (High Front Kick)
    · Kagami-migaki (Mirror Polishing)
    · Sayu-uchi (Strike to Both Sides)
    · Zengo-tsuki (Front-Rear Strikes)
    · Ryote-ue-tsuki (Two-Hand Upward Blow)
    · Oryote-ue-tsuki (Large Two-hand Upward Blow)
    · Sayu-kogo-shita-tsuki (Left-Right Downward Blows)
    · Ryote-shita-tsuki (Two-hand Downward Blow)
    · Naname-ue-uchi (Front-Side Upward Cut)
    · Naname-shita-uchi (Front-Side Downward Cut)
    · Onaname-ue-uchi (Large Slanting Upward Cut)
    · Ushiro-sumi-tsuki (Rear-corner Blow)
    · Ushiro-uchi (Rear Blow)
    · Ushiro-tsuki/mae-shita-tsuki (Rear/Downward Blows)

    II. Sotai-Renshu (Joint Exercises)

    Kime-shiki (Forms of Decision)

    Idori (Kneeling Techniques)
    · Ryote-dori (Two-Hand Hold)
    · Furihanashi (Shaking Loose)
    · Gyakute-dori (Reverse Two-Hand Hold)
    · Tsukkake (Stomach Punch)
    · Kiri-gake (Head Cut)

    Tachiai: Standing Techniques
    · Tsuki-age (Uppercut)
    · Yoko-uchi (Side Blow)
    · Ushiro-dori (Hold from Behind)
    · Naname-tsuki (Carotid Cut)
    · Kiroroshi (Downward Cut)

    Ju-shiki (Forms of Gentleness)

    Set 1
    · Tsuki-dashi
    · Kata-oshi
    · Kata-mawashi
    · Kiri-oroshi
    · Katate-dori

    Set 2
    · Katate-age
    · Obi-tori
    · Mune-oshi
    · Tsuki-age
    · Ryogan-tsuki

    I. Tandoku renshu

    II. Sotai renshu

    Kime-shiki and Ju-shiki

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