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    Wow Ukemi improvement


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    Wow Ukemi improvement Empty Wow Ukemi improvement

    Post by Allen Tue Dec 03, 2013 5:07 am

    So this is just another little 'yay' personal victory for me. I've been doing Judo a few years now, and always on the mat. I'm in physical therapy for an unrelated shoulder injury, and part of rehab was making sure it was good to go with 'judo motions'. I mentioned we fall a lot, and wanted to demonstrate it for the therapist but of course there are no mats, just hardwood.

    'What the hell' I say, and go for it. Back fall, side fall, zempo-kaiten rolling fall. All of them were not only pretty, on hardwood, but none of them hurt at all.

    I was shocked as I expected it to hurt a bit but didn't care since I wanted to demonstrate them.

    I'm pretty stoked my ukemi has improvement enough I can do it on hardwood floors as a demonstration with zero pain.

    NOW, these were 'gingerly done' it's not like I did a full side fall kicking my legs 4 feet in the air or anything, but more of a 'lay down on my side' type of lazy side fall. But it was still a legitimate fall, as I might take from a very low power throw from a beginner just learning to practice a technique in nage-komi.

    Minor thing, but I just like to record these personal milestones when they crop up. Thanks Judo!

    The therapist was worried when I went into the rolling fall, but said it was beautiful and smooth and she couldn't quite understand how a 230lb + man could 'hit the ground so gently'. I'll call that a victory.

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    Wow Ukemi improvement Empty Re: Wow Ukemi improvement

    Post by DougNZ Tue Dec 03, 2013 6:31 am

    Congratulations. Not only is it a physical milestone but I'm sure your confidence was boosted as well.

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