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    Judo Newbie Saying Hello


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    Judo Newbie Saying Hello Empty Judo Newbie Saying Hello

    Post by smokey04b on Tue Mar 10, 2015 5:38 pm

    Hi all.  Been lurking here for a couple of days and wanted to introduce myself.  I'm brand new to Judo but I've been doing some form of martial art for most of my life - Karate in high school, Fencing in college, combatives and a little boxing in the military (especially my 5 years as a paratrooper in the Army - I switched over and accepted a commission in the Air Force in 99 and we don't do much of that stuff which is good because I discovered I really don't like getting hit in the face Wink ).  At my last duty station I practiced Kendo and Iaido for about 2 years, but when I moved to my current duty station, there was no Kendo dojo anywhere.  Eventually, however, the bug hit again and I found a Judo club right down the street from me and I've been having a ball.  It's tough on this 46 year old body, but really fun.  Last  class we did Yama Arashi, learned a counter, then did Yama to Kata Gatame to Ude Gatame for 1.5 hours.  The next day the left side of my back felt like hamburger and I'd picked up a beautiful purple and yellow bruise the size of a tennis ball on my left bicep (beats me how - didn't feel it at the time!)  I even got a few "nice form" and "good ukemi" from the sensei for the first time!

    Anyway, as a newbie I've got a lot of questions so I'm sure I'll be chiming in from time to time.  Some good info in here, I think.

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