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    Post by Jonesy on Sun May 05, 2013 10:14 pm

    Posted on behalf of the Judo for All Movement

    May 1, 2013
    Dear colleagues and friends in judo,

    Please consider joining and adding details of your organisation and clubs to the Judo For All Directory and the details of your Events to the http://www.judoforall.org website.

    Membership of the “Judo For All” International Campaign, website and its facilities are provided free of any charges for all WJF members and associates and all judoka that adhere to Traditional Kodokan judo and judo for all concepts.
    We are continually developing and improving access and usability of this website. We would appreciate your cooperation and feedback on any problems that you may encounter and look forward to your suggestions or requests for new features that you may wish to be included or developed.

    You may forward this request for cooperation to other like minded organisations in your country/region or those that you feel ought to be listed.

    With deepest friendships in judo

    JUDO FOR ALL - Int’l Campaign

    How to use the www.judoforall.org website

    Please try to use as much of the interactive features of the site. However if you have any difficulty please visit these pages and take note of the information required and send an email with the details to admin@judoforall.org We will then add these to the site.

    01/05/2013 - Please note: The site is now enabled to allow access through Facebook accounts. Providing that you are logged in to Facebook your credentials from this system can be used by our website to log you in and allow you to update your material on the site without registering on our site. We maintain strict privacy policies and your details will not be divulged to any third parties.This information will only be used to allow better communications and information exchanges between us.
    However, if you are not using Facebook then you will need to follow the instructions (no. 1) below.

    1. To create an account:
    Go to http://www.judoforall.org/member-login?view=registration
    Verify your email address and setup your account

    Please note: Members of the website are automatically subscribed to the mailing lists.
    Non members have an option to subscribe without becoming member of the website.
    Anyone can unsubscribe at anytime. We do not plan on sending a newsletter before June 2013. These digital newsletters are expected to be lightweight and mainly for announcements and latest info on the site.

    2. To add to Directory Listing (Please stay logged in, in order to add to the directory)
    To list your organization/clubs details in the directory click on add listing and choose the directory that it needs to be listed under. For example:

    Africa http://www.judoforall.org/judo-directory/africa/add
    America http://www.judoforall.org/judo-directory/america/add
    Asia http://www.judoforall.org/judo-directory/asia/add
    Europe http://www.judoforall.org/judo-directory/europe/add
    Ocania http://www.judoforall.org/judo-directory/ocenia/add
    All Judo Associations http://www.judoforall.org/judo-directory/sports/add

    Please note: Your submitted listings will be checked for any code errors and formatting and once approved by the moderator will be published. Any errors or updates in the details can be corrected by you as the owner of the listing at anytime.

    3. To add your events (Please stay logged in, in order to add to the events pages)
    go to http://www.judoforall.org/all-events/add-event

    Fill the form; the listing will be checked for any code and formatting errors and will be approved by the moderator and published. If there are questions you will be contacted by email for clarification.

    Judo For All (International Campaign) – c/o 2-10 Baron Street, London N1 9LL - GB
    Tel: +44 (0)778 556 4976 Email: info@judoforall.org Web: www.judoforall.org
    Phone: +44(0)207-713-9769 Fax: +44 (0)207-713-9788

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