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    If No One Hates You, No One’s Paying Attention Empty If No One Hates You, No One’s Paying Attention

    Post by finarashi on Sun Sep 14, 2014 10:02 pm

    reading the blog of Alf Rehn below


    "In wrestling, it’s known as a “heel turn.” A good guy, a so-called “babyface,” does something heinous — double-crosses a partner, defames the U.S., declares he wants to be known as Fabulous Francesca from now on — all intended to rile up the audience. He becomes a “heel,” a bad guy, a mustachio-twirling villain — and he’s the most important thing in the world for whatever promotion he is wrestling for. Now, the branding of wrestling may look garish, silly and over-the-top. Those who consider themselves to be serious and oh-so-adult — professionals of text and image — often think they’re above the man-child antics of wrestling. However, despite our condescension, good ol’ wrasslin’ has a lot to teach us, and nowhere is this more visible than among the heels.

    In wrestling, the heel turn is a necessary move to create “heat,” i.e. audience response. A hero on his own is boring and no matter how beloved a character is, without a foil he becomes the storyline equivalent of a Hallmark card. The heel and the heel turn is what makes matches matter, and it is the introduction of a heel that crafts the story an audience can invest in emotionally. Without him or her, wrestling is just a strange, sweaty, stumbling dance — shiny muscles in leotards for no apparent reason. With a heel, on the other hand, it can become a powerful story of trials and redemption. The lessons for branding should be obvious to all.

    This made me think about the famous "Do not touch legs"-rule of our (oh so hateable) IJF. So is this just a trick to get us more involved with Judo? And to think more what Judo is about?

    Who could be the "heel" in Judo if IJF wasn't?

    ... even professors make mistakes!

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    If No One Hates You, No One’s Paying Attention Empty Re: If No One Hates You, No One’s Paying Attention

    Post by NittyRanks on Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:36 am

    Well part of it is to think more what Judo is about from what I see people saying.

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