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    So why.. no seriously why....


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    So why.. no seriously why.... - Page 2 Empty Re: So why.. no seriously why....

    Post by Tai-Jutsu Thu Sep 19, 2013 1:37 pm

    Cichorei Kano wrote:
    Tai-Jutsu wrote:Kind of suprised there is not a Karate and other Striking arts forum.

    I've known many Judoka with training in such arts.

    Maybe just not that much traffic for it on the old Judo forum?

    CK schools in 3..2.. Very Happy 
    I did karate, jûjutsu, iaijutsu, kendô and a tiny bit of aikidô just for a very short time. While I still have an interest in many of these it is virtually impossible as an adult with a professioal career to keep practicing all of them or even one art seriously. I think NBK still does several. Ask him how he does it.

    Besides, another problem is the continuation of schools. Some of these pop up, but don't stay. Why did I quit kendô, because the school couldn't survive and moved elsewhere and as a kid I did not have a car and neither did my parents; besides the equipment for kendô was outrageously expensive for simple people in the days when credit cards did not exist.

    Aikidô I only did because our course and exams for the highest state instructor's certification in jûjutsu also required aikidô.So, I went there to get up to speed, without the objective to continue after passing my tests for jûjutsu, and I stuck with that.

    Iaijutsu, in those days you could only find serious instruction in Japan. So really judo and karate were the only arts for which you readily could find clubs. Of the three judo clubs in town which existed when I was a kid and of which I was a remember, only one has survived, which is the one I am now instructor-in-chief of. The strong karate club of which I was a member 35 years ago has long ceased to exist and even the entire style of karate (kyokushinkai) barely exists anymore. Really, it was too hard. All decent fighters from those days are either death or in wheelchairs, by means of speaking; it was thàt tough.
    Besides being a nice post, informative and some background on CK (Thanks for pushing on my pull, nice co-op Randori of Webdo, CK) it touches on why I point my kids at Judo as a martial art to do outside the "family" arts.

    Judo is all over the World, if you look you will find it and other than mats (and grass and sand can do if need be) and some Gi's (and old Fatigue shirts can double here) you just need someone who knows more than the rest of the group who is willing to teach and learn.

    So, for the same reason I like this about Soccer for my kids, no mater where in the Wold they go, they have people to train Judo with and that leads to people to train other things with and potential friends and understanding.


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    So why.. no seriously why.... - Page 2 Empty Re: So why.. no seriously why....

    Post by aspenrebel Tue Oct 01, 2013 9:15 pm

    Let the Aikido bashing begin.

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