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    Kodokan goshinjutsu - Kodokan (Modern) Forms of Self Defence


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    Kodokan goshinjutsu - Kodokan (Modern) Forms of Self Defence Empty Kodokan goshinjutsu - Kodokan (Modern) Forms of Self Defence

    Post by Jonesy Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:32 am

    Kodokan goshinjutsu 講道館護身術 (Kodokan (Modern) Self Defence Forms)

    The Kime-no-kata was created around 1888 to study how to attack and defend. However, with changing lifestyles, it became necessary to come up with a new set of kata more suited to modern times. Therefore, in 1956, the Kodokan established goshinjutsu, a set of twenty one self defence techniques, which are divided into two categories: Toshu (or against unarmed attack) and Buki (or against armed attack).

    The techniques of the Kodokan goshinjutsu are as follows:

    Toshu-no-bu (Unarmed section)

    When held
    · Ryote-dori (Two-Hand Hold)
    · Hidari Eri-dori (Left-lapel hold)
    · Migi Eri-dori (Right-lapel hold)
    · Kataude-dori (Single-Hand Hold)
    · Ushiro Eri-dori (Collar Hold from Behind)
    · Ushiro-jime (Choke from Behind)
    · Kakae-dori (Seize and Hold from Behind)

    At a distance
    · Naname Uchi (Slanting Strike)
    · Ago Tsuki (Uppercut)
    · Gammen Tsuki (Thrust-Punch to Face)
    · Mae-geri (Front Kick)
    · Yoko-geri (Side Kick)

    Buki-no-bu (Armed section)

    Tanto (Dagger)
    · Tsukkake (Thrust)
    · Choku-zuki (Straight Thrust)
    · Naname-zuki (Slanting Stab)

    Jo (Staff)
    · Furiage (Upswing against Stick)
    · Furioroshi (Downswing against Stick)
    · Morote-zuki (Two-Hand thrust against Stick)

    Kenshu (Pistol)
    · Shomen-zuki (Pistol at the Abdomen)
    · Koshi-gamae (Pistol Held at the Side)
    · Haimen-zuki (Pistol against the Back)

    Please post all questions, videos etc pertaining to the Kodokan goshinjutsu in this area.

    Note that the correct name for this kata is Kodokan goshinjutsu (sometimes written Kodokan Goshin Jutsu) and not Goshin-Jutsu-no-kata. Note also the correct spelling of jutsu and not jitsu.

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