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    New Interview with Olympian Nick Delpopolo


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    New Interview with Olympian Nick Delpopolo Empty New Interview with Olympian Nick Delpopolo

    Post by UltraMarathonMan Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:28 am

    Just did a podcast interview with Nick, check it out. He went through one of the toughest experiences in the Olympics you can have, losing by a referee decision in the quarter finals after a war of a match, and then dealing with the flood of negative media after testing positive (barely) for THC (chemical in marijuana) in his system. He is one of the nicest dudes I've met, and is a genuinely good human being. Which makes it even more tragic that people called him all kinds of names for the drug thing.

    Episode 11: http://takeituneasy.com/11

    Anyway, check it out, and show him your support if you can. He is going for Olympic gold in 2016. Do you think he has a solid chance to medal?


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    New Interview with Olympian Nick Delpopolo Empty Re: New Interview with Olympian Nick Delpopolo

    Post by Tai-Jutsu Wed Oct 16, 2013 12:04 am

    Anyone who critisises him or Phelps for using pot in this day and age better not drink any beer, wine or booze because all of them are worse for you and cause more pain in society that is not caused because pot is illegal and therefore in the hands of criminals.

    Is it healty? no, (and I hate when NORMAL types spout BS that it's good for you) but niether are hotdogs, soda and much of the air we breath.

    This is not an endorsement for beeing high on the mats, ala Eddie Bravo, that is disrespectful and dangerous.

    I had a good friend who used to train with us and he came in once and it was on his breath big time.

    I took him aisde, told him it's one thing to do that after class but he waas being disrespectful and negligent, to go home and if he ever did it again there will be a big issue and he'd be gone, best buddy or not.

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