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    BJA matside magazine. Empty BJA matside magazine.

    Post by grassroots Sat Jan 12, 2013 8:53 am

    Two very different points of view on offer for consideration. 1. Roy Inman promoting the view that a major strategic plan is needed that would effect the way GB players train and prepare for the next Olympics and suggesting the BJA have to find the resources to enable the development of such a program. 2. On the other hand Andrew Haffner promotes Grassroots judo, Andrew suggests that long term development through a good grounding in the early years via an improved grading structure, [lets face facts the current one is not fit for purpose at this time.] an improved low level competition structure and a return to a more democratic style of membership particapation. Sorry I can't provide links to articul. Those who have access to matside might care to read and comment.

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