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    Kaeshi-no-kata Empty Kaeshi-no-kata

    Post by Carlo Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:11 am

    Hanon wrote:
    Carlo wrote:It's such a shame the old forum is as it
    is now. I have been looking for information on Kaeshi-no-kata and found this Thread. Unfortunately I could only access 3 of the 4 pages of discussion.

    kata was said to be one of my more successfully executed kata? I warn
    you research into these kata can be a nightmare as there are several
    different versions apparently founded by several different sensei over
    the years even to the extent of the number and type of waza used!


    I thought it best to continue this discussion here.

    I last practised this kata about 18 years ago and remember enjoying it. I'm not sure which version of it I was shown, but this performance I found on youtube looks familiar.

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