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    Nage no Kata by Shiro Yamamoto


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    Nage no Kata by Shiro Yamamoto Empty Nage no Kata by Shiro Yamamoto

    Post by budoitaly Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:23 am

    Cichorei Kano
    Cichorei Kano

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    Nage no Kata by Shiro Yamamoto Empty Re: Nage no Kata by Shiro Yamamoto

    Post by Cichorei Kano Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:58 am

    budoitaly wrote:

    Some of the older Kôdôkan instruction videos are not too bad (for example, the jû-no-kata one), but I would not call the nage-no-kata one as one of the strongest. I am surprised that given its age, it already shows so much deadwood and lack of spirit. One has to start somewhere when teaching, and obviously doing an energetic and explosive way may not be the most effective. However, it may be helpful for the viewer to include a disclaimer then in which it is made clear that the slower and restrained way of doing things is not the final goal but for pedagogical reasons only.

    Thanks for posting though, I think many will appreciate this opportunity to look back in time.

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