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    Sensei Eddie Stewart Death

    Richard Riehle

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    Sensei Eddie Stewart Death Empty Sensei Eddie Stewart Death

    Post by Richard Riehle Mon Mar 10, 2014 6:11 am

    I received this message this morning from Ed Nakao of Bojuka-ryu.


    It is with a sad heart that I let you know of Sensei Stewart's passing. He died on Friday at the Community Hospital. Services will be held on Saturday at Mission Memorial Park/Seaside Funeral home located at 1915 Ord Grove Ave, Seaside, CA at 11:00 AM. There will also be a viewing on Friday 5 PM-8PM.


    For those who did not know him, Sensei Stewart was the founder of a dojo in Marina, CA called Bojuka-ryu. He was a Godan in Judo, but also a practitioner of other combat arts. In his youth, he was an outstanding boxer. Sensei was a retired US Army Master Sergeant. He was in his early 80's at the time of his passing.

    Over a period of several decades, he trained many hundreds of young men and women in Judo, Karate, Ju-jutsu, and boxing at his dojo. He developed his own style of self-defense and taught that style to an very large number of students who came to his dojo. The Bojuka-ryu dojo is a member of the USJF Ganbaru Yudanshakai.

    Many of his Judo students became regional champions, and some went on to try-out for a position on the US Olympic Team. One of those, Janine Nakao, is currently engaged in that training even now.

    Sensei Stewart was an inspirational figure. He was widely loved by his students, his colleagues, and by his community. Not only did he teach a variety of martial arts, but he also encouraged a high standard of morality and right living among his students.

    The Bojuka-ryu dojo will continue to thrive under the leadership of Eddie Nakao, one of his earliest students.

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