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    Post by BillC on Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:47 am

    Making my own humble observation, there seem to be no "right" ways to do anything in judo, only demonstrably wrong ones.

    That being the case, I stumbled on a question that has been rolling around in my cranium for some time (not too noisy, sound does not carry in a vacuum).

    When I watch various performances of the Kodokan Goshinjutsu, specifically the wakigatame, I quite often notice that tori poses ... gazing dreamily into the distance.  This, having just taken control of a knife from an individual who presumably intended unscheduled abdominal surgery.

    I note that in my own practice ... and thank you NBK for the recent help which has been incorporated locally ... I kinda wanna keep an eye on uke.  Does he have another weapon?  Is my control as good as I think it is?  Do I have an opening to kick him in the nuts?  Whatever I do next to make him drop the knife it will involve looking at uke's handsome visage.

    Plus ... turning the back on uke is a less effective wakigatame and a poor one applied can result in getting dumped on one's head and then stabbed.

    OK ... counter arguments ... having controlled the attacker, one should look around and see if he has friends ... riding over the horizon like Omar Sharif's first appearance in "Lawrence of Arabia" I suppose.

    Then again ... there is this famous photo of Kano-shihan ... certainly that is his warrior face and he's not just mugging for the camera.

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