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    New rules and influence at the local level...


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    New rules and influence at the local level... Empty New rules and influence at the local level...

    Post by overthehill Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:35 am

    any comments on how you think the new rules have influenced judo competitions locally?

    it may just be my imagination and i have no data to back this up, but it seems that at the lower levels, the attack rate has slowed quite a lot.
    weaker judoka simply cant get many attacks off once their opponent has gripped them.

    that said, I am glad to see that there are more opportunities in newaza and one simply can scoot out of bounds to avoid it.

    also, the jury system in small tournaments is confusing as heck.

    in the prefecture i am living, the latest tournament used a modified format with one head referee, two corner referees, and a jury.
    a situation came up where the decision was split between 2 referees and the other 2 referees (1 jury, 1 corner referee). it was deciding on a hansoku make for accumulation of penalties.
    they decided to let the head referee make the decision rather than the jury, which led to a lot of dispute...in the post-tournament referees meeting, it was decided that the jury gets the final say, even if the three referees on the mat dispute that decision...makes no sense to me...

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