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    Visiting Dojos - Pennsylvania and Nearby States

    Richard Riehle

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    Visiting Dojos - Pennsylvania and Nearby States Empty Visiting Dojos - Pennsylvania and Nearby States

    Post by Richard Riehle Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:09 am

    In late August I will be traveling to the East Coast with most of my visit in the Philadelphia area. As always, I will have a Judogi with me. While there, I will try to visit as many Judo dojos as possible. I realize that some are closed during August, but if you are open, please send me an email letting me know whether you would like me to visit. I am not in the area for Judo, but since I am in the area, I would like to see any of my Judo friends and colleagues who are available during that visit. There is a possibility I can also visit the Baltimore area. I may also be able to be in Boston for one overnight visit.My personal email: laoxiaohai@juno.com. Note that juno is not judo. People often get it spelled wrong. If you do send me an email, I will reply with my iPhone number so we can arrange a convenient time for a visit.

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