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    Longevity/Tailoring a fitness regime


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    Longevity/Tailoring a fitness regime Empty Longevity/Tailoring a fitness regime

    Post by TheWizardofOdds Sat Sep 20, 2014 11:03 am

    I started Judo a couple of years back at 38 years old and go to a class once a week. I have been thinking lately about my future in Judo. At the moment at 40 I keep myself in good shape and am as fit as an average 25 year old and actually maybe the fittest at my club. I'm not big at 160lbs and 5'9/10". I put a lot of work in during the week with maybe only one or two max rest days from exercise. I can't change things and go back, and I'm happy that I found Judo at all but I wish I'd gone as a kid. I know that the clock is ticking for me. I estimate that I could, with luck, get a good ten years more. I would like to hear from others who are older or the same age. Are you still competitive at 50, maybe even more? I mean at your club not even competitions, I would settle for that.

    At the moment I am focusing on strength training. I do pull ups, kettle bells, just 16KG but still...calisthenics and lately handstands and gymnastic type exercises. I am quite strong for my size but definitely at my club lacking against the other naturally bigger/stronger men. In the past I've done more circuit training with skipping/kettle bells etc.

    It would be great to hear other peoples' thoughts on continuing Judo in your forties+ and remaining a force. It seems with each passing week others slip away and I'm the oldest or near oldest at the club now. Not surprising, I know.

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