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    2013 World Judo Federation Events

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    2013 World Judo Federation Events Empty 2013 World Judo Federation Events

    Post by Judo Dad Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:04 am

    WJF 2013 Calendar / FMJ Calendario

    April 12th
    Meeting Commissions and Executive Committee of the World Judo Federation,West Virginia, United States of America

    Reunión de Comisiones y Comité Ejecutivo de la World Judo Federation, West Virginia, Estados Unidos de Norteamérica.

    Mr. Bruce Bethers: brucebethers@gmail.com
    April 13th - 14th
    "US Open" International Traditional Kodokan Judo Championships, West Virginia, United States of America.

    Campeonato Internacional de Judo Tradicional del Kodokan, West Virginia, Estados Unidos de Norteamérica
    Mr. Bruce [email=Bethers:%20wjf.secretarygeneral@gmail.com]Bethers[/email][email=Bethers:%20wjf.secretarygeneral@gmail.com]:[/email] [email=Bethers:%20wjf.secretarygeneral@gmail.com]wjf.secretarygeneral@gmail.com[/email]
    TAFISA World Challenge Day

    Día Mundial del Desafío TAFISA, mayo 2013.

    Tafisa: www.tafisa.net
    June 2th - 9th
    3rd. CSIT World Sports Games, Varna, Bulgaria.

    III Juegos Deportivos Mundiales CSIT, Varna, Bulgaria.

    Mr. Paul G. Hoglund: pghoglund@telia.com
    June 8th
    German Open Judo Tournament, Essen, Germany.

    Torneo Abierto Judo Alemania, Essen, Alemania.

    Stephan Leifeld, stephan.leifeld@freenet.de
    June 30th
    International Judo Tournament Ithaki 2013 Matsuura Cup, Thessaloniki, Grecia.

    Torneo Internacional de Judo Ithaki 2013 Copa Matsuura, Thessaloniki, Grecia.

    Mr. Ageris [email=Maistrellis:agerisjudo@yahoo.gr]Maistrellis[/email][email=Maistrellis:agerisjudo@yahoo.gr]:[/email] [email=Maistrellis:agerisjudo@yahoo.gr]agerisjudo@yahoo.gr[/email]
    2013 II World Judo Senior Open Championships; Shiai, Kata and Team; female and Male

    II Campeonato Mundial de Judo Senior Abierto 2013, Shiai, Kata y Equipos; masculino y femenino.

    Paul G. Hoglund: pghoglund@telia.com
    23-27 October
    23rd. Tafisa World Congress, Enschede, Netherlands

    XIII Congreso Mundial de Tafisa, , Enschede, Holanda.

    Paul G. Hoglund: pghoglund@telia.com

    October 28th
    III Jigoro Kano World Day

    III Día Mundial de Jigoro Kano, 28 de octubre 2013.

    Jaime Casanova: worldjudofederation@gmail.com , information@worldjudofederation.org
    December 7th - 8th
    2013 International Judo Master Open Tournament, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

    Torneo Internacional de Judo Master Abierto, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana.

    Mr. Jaime Casanova: jaimecasanovamartinez@gmail.com

    Victoria University Judo Club[/color]
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