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    All Japan Judo Federation 2 day 'C' judo instruction curriculum and test


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    All Japan Judo Federation 2 day 'C' judo instruction curriculum and test Empty All Japan Judo Federation 2 day 'C' judo instruction curriculum and test

    Post by NBK Tue Oct 14, 2014 6:55 pm

    Reposted from another thread to introduce the topic separately.

    All Japan Judo Federation 2 days Class C Instructor training / testing
    Sat - brought keikogi.  Split into groups of 8-10 to have practical demonstrations, discussions.
    10-11 Foundations of Basic Instruction
    11-12  Strength Training Fundamentals
    12-13  lunch
    13-14  First Aid / Resuscitation (triage, assess concussion, heart massage, AED training)
    14-15  Basic Instruction: Nage-waza (throwing techniques)
    15-16  "            "        : Katame-waza (pinning techniques)

    Sun - classroom lecture
    9-10  The Special Characteristics of Judo
    10-11 The Attitude and Ethics of Judo (Sports) Instructors
    12-13  lunch
    13-15  Safe Judo (Sports) Instruction (concussions, Second Impact Syndrome, heatstroke, etc.)
    15-16  individual review
    16-17  Test

    Later, a '800 character' essay is due within a month, on one of four topics:
    A.  The special characteristics of judo
    B.  Stages of judo (sports) instruction
    C.  Safe judo instruction
    D.  The fundamentals of basic instruction  

    The test consisted of two essays, one based on the lecture (ethical considerations for judo instructors), one on the hands on portion (elements of teaching katame waza to beginners).

    One of the instructors stressed that this is not licensing someone for 'brain surgery', so there was no intent to get overly detailed or pedantic.  The explicit assumption is that everyone (only 2 dan and up, over 20 years old, allowed to attend) are basically technically competent in judo so need more instruction in emergency procedures, when to call an ambulance rather than allow someone to continue, etc.  The AJJF C instructor license description at the link below is for 3 dans over 20 yrs old, but the training included 2 dans.  

    I thought it very worthwhile.  I believe it probably worth someone from overseas contacting the AJJF and asking to see the materials; the medical handouts could be replaced easily with multiple languages' warnings on concussion, heatstroke, while retaining the judo related materials.  The way too detailed pictures of gigantic balloons of blood from concussions was sobering, and you could see everyone sit up and take notice, as a number of Japanese school kids have died from concussions over the past decades.  

    NOTES: AFAIK the All Japan Judo Federation goal is to have every dojo to have a 4 dan instructor qualified as a C license instructor, as a minimum.   The students ranged from high school grads to one gent that seemed near 70 with 'over 30 yrs' experience; the minimum time was meant to be over 10 years, and the minimum rank of the students was 2 dan.  165 signed up, doubling expectations, as the course has been given before.

    This is a DVD regarding teaching beginners from a couple of the instructors:   I should note that this training is apparently aimed at the brand new youth instruction in Japanese public schools.  The basic course is only 6 weeks long, IIRC.  
    Here's a link to a Kodokan instruction course:
    The AJJF's ideas of the instructor certifications:

    The hands on was fun and mostly interesting, portions contrived, but there was some time to exchange ideas and experience.  One of the best instructor / trainees was a young man, a 'freeter' (part time worker) who apparently loves judo, assistant teaching in a couple of places, and had a superb method of teaching a couple of basic techniques.  


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    All Japan Judo Federation 2 day 'C' judo instruction curriculum and test Empty Re: All Japan Judo Federation 2 day 'C' judo instruction curriculum and test

    Post by Jonesy Fri Nov 21, 2014 8:25 am

    Interesting. "Level 1" is the equivalent in the UK though the entry criteria to access the qualification are lower http://www.britishjudo.org.uk/sites/default/files/BJA%20Level%201-%20New%20Course%20Outline%20January%202013.pdf

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