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    Kodokan mid-winter training


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    Kodokan mid-winter training Empty Kodokan mid-winter training

    Post by judoclimber Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:11 pm

    My friend wants to train Judo in Japan for a few weeks this winter. He is asking me about the Kodokan mid-winter training -- can anyone describe for me what it is like? This is an inquiry he wrote, describing his situation:

    "I wish to enquire about the availability of a attending a winter camp to improve my Judo, My current grade is 1st kyu I am 48 years old and I train mostly kids twice a week, I wish to improve all aspects of judo including randori and Nage No Kata."

    I have advised him that although the Kodokan would be great to visit, he may find more suitable/rewarding instruction at a place like the Daishin Judo Club in Osaka


    any suggestions or comments?

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    Kodokan mid-winter training Empty Re: Kodokan mid-winter training

    Post by Jonesy Fri Nov 28, 2014 8:50 pm

    Kan-geijo, mid-winter training, is not a "camp' as US judo people would recognise. It is regular training beginning every morning at 5:30 AM and running for 10 days. Kan-geiko is a traditional annual event at the Kodokan that aims to develop a strong spirit and body through training in a harsh winter condition. There is normally no evening practice at the Kodokan for the days kan-geiko is on. This is different to the mid-summer training when the kata and technique courses are on in the day. The kata courses are for 4 Dan and above though.

    Given the profile of your friend I am not sure that kan-geiko is suitable. I would write to the International Division of the Kodokan to see what they suggest.

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