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    A sincere thank you


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    A sincere thank you Empty A sincere thank you

    Post by Hanon Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:38 am

    I thought it would not only be appropriate but also just simply nice to write the following;

    I would like to thank all those who work all day, rush home, eat a little, if they have time, take a shower and make there way to a dojo where they either teach, coach or practice judo.

    Teaching judo is a thankless task as shown in the various threads we read on the various judo forums. A coach may teach our young, take them around the country to various events, organise so many events, spend all day reefing at the local bash yet who ever says a thank you for all they do?

    Sure put a foot wrong and you will soon become highlighted news headlines. But where is the balance in the news?

    So again I say a heart felt, sincere thank you to those who learn from teachers, that also takes commitment.

    Thank you to the unsung hero's who 'just' teach judo every week of the year, year in year out. It can be such a demanding job, not only is the teaching highly demanding but I dare to write so many of ones pupils have no real idea (yet) just what is involved in running even the most modest dojo. Its almost like running a second home mortgage and all.

    A word to the wise. Ones teacher is a human being. Teachers accept pupils are not perfect neither as a judoka nor pupils. May I ask all pupils to accept that our sensei are also human and they are also entitled by birth to make mistakes? To both pupil and sensei I write this. Making a mistake is not always the problem. How we learn and rectify the mistake can make us stronger and teach us humility. A tatami is not a place to judge, be jury and executioner. A tatami is a place of education and learning. I cannot think of a single instance of learning where mistakes are not made. Human beings practice judo not saints.

    So my judo peers from all walks of life, all ranks and all professions. A big THANK YOU for your dedication to judo. Without you I would not have learned such a wonderful activity that, without a doubt, changed my life. I am in all your debit.


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    A sincere thank you Empty Re: A sincere thank you

    Post by Kurobi Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:42 am

    One can only echo the sentiment's of Hanon Sensei. Being responsible for a Dojo, or to take part in it's development and growth, takes commitment and the task cannot be taken lightly. But this is not news to all those who participate.

    We humans do have our foibles. We also have that capacity to recognize if a mistake is made, to get off of the tatami and continue on. How many times have we been tossed to the tatami only to say "Mo ichi do," as spirit and body strive to continues on. This effort should be recognized. Hanon Sensei thank you for having us take a moment to reflect on this. In deed a bow for a moment is in order.

    My most sincerest to all,


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