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    Wim Ruska vs Ivan Gomes


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    Wim Ruska vs Ivan Gomes Empty Wim Ruska vs Ivan Gomes

    Post by TheLatinSamurai Thu Jun 25, 2015 8:33 am

    I recently read that Wim Ruska fought  Ivan Gomes in valetudo and won , this does not surprise me since he trained under Jon Bluming and was friends with Chris Doleman , however according to Bjj heros he lost the match. My question is does anybody know about how who won the fight or have any videos or pictures of the fight ?

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    Wim Ruska vs Ivan Gomes Empty Re: Wim Ruska vs Ivan Gomes

    Post by Anatol Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:27 pm

    Seemed to be very controversial - quote from wikipedia

    In August 1976, Ruska defeated Ivan Gomes in a vale tudo bout in Brazil.[5] Details about the fight are sparse, but it is known that Gomes threw illegal strikes and that the event result was controversial.[6] At the end of the match, Gomes took Ruska's back and tried a rear naked choke, but they became tangled on the ring ropes. While Ruska defended successfully against the choke, the referee Teruo Takahashi noted Gomes's body was positioned half out of the ropes, so he counted him out and declared Willem the winner. Brazilian crowds were infuriated and caused a turmoil, and local newspapers even declared oficially Gomes as the winner of the match.


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