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    Altered perception


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    Post by DougNZ Wed Jul 15, 2015 10:41 pm

    Me again; not sharing any personal experiences but those of my instructor.

    My instructor has been in over 300 altercations. A number of them provoked altered perception. In three cases involving multiple opponents he experienced time distortion such that he felt he was moving at normal speed but the other people were moving noticeable slower than him. He believes the trigger was a perception of lethal danger and as soon as the danger subsided he returned to normal time.

    In a number of other cases where he knew other guards had his back and the altercation was of a one-on-one nature, he experienced tunnel vision with strong focus on the visible portion. He felt that because surroundings did not matter, they blurred into the background whereas the opponent was in sharp relief, almost as if he had been cut out of the background.

    He also recalls two other cases of time distortion. In the first, whilst driving his car over a bridge, an on-coming car crossed the centre line towards him. He was not wearing a seat belt. He said everything slowed down, which allowed him to measure the distance between the on-coming car and the side of the bridge, and to steer through. He lost both wing mirrors but the car was otherwise unscratched. In the second case, he was hit whilst riding a bicycle and flew over the handle bars. He said time suddenly slowed and he had time to consider his forward roll and execute it without any injury.

    He says he has never experienced sensory distortion in a dojo situation. Where time slowed, it was because of the perception of lethal danger.

    Reinberger wrote:Dear readers,

    when I, in some detail, described some of the situations I'd experienced, one of my reasons to do so was to possibly evoke memories about similar occurrences in other people. But, so far, it seems that only Johan and I had to share corresponding, personal experiences. I don't think that we are so special, and would be very interested in learning about other people's practical knowledge along those lines. Would you care to tell about your's?

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