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    Jūjutsu at the "Day Of Sports" in Vienna


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    Jūjutsu at the "Day Of Sports" in Vienna Empty Jūjutsu at the "Day Of Sports" in Vienna

    Post by Reinberger Mon Sep 21, 2015 9:42 am

    Every year, the "Tag des Sports" ("Day Of Sports") is organized at "Heldenplatz", one of the most famous places in Vienna, the Austrian capital. On that day, every Austrian sport association and federation represents and displays it's sport to an impressive audience of around 500.000 visitors, and homage is paid to sportswomen and sportsman of outstanding merit.

    Jūjutsu is regularly represented there by the "Jiu-Jitsu Verband Österreich" ("Jiu-Jitsu Federation Austria"), and the people from that organization, that were honoured this year, were the multiple world-champions in the duo women-contest, Mirneta and Mirnesa BECIROVIC, twins and both Austrian policewomen, as well as the finalists in the duo-men division, Sebastian VOSTA and Nikolaus BICHLER, and Oliver Haider, who placed second in the division of fighting men -62 kg, at the world-championships in Paris last year for the third time. Two more Austrian medallists from that event unfortunately were unavailable that day.

    Please be aware, that the videos from this event from September 19th, 2015 are not professional ones, but were taken only with a small camera, and by hand. The interviews are in German language, of course, but in the middle of the video you can see a Viennese Club demonstrating, as well as an exhibition of self-defense training for women, relying mostly on atemi waza. The armored uke in that part, again an Austrian policeman, is a highly qualified trainer in this area.

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