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    Kime no kata history


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    Kime no kata history  Empty Kime no kata history

    Post by noboru Wed Mar 09, 2016 3:26 am

    From: http://www.sosuishi-ryu.org/history/int/

    Kime no kata history  Image1

    (Front row, left to right): KATSUTA HIRATSUKA of Kagawa (Yoshin Ryu); KOJI YANO of Kumanoto (Takeouchi Ryu); JUSHIN SEKIGUCHI of Wakayama (Sekiguchu Ryu); HIDEMI TOTSKA of Chiba (Yoshin Ryu); JIGORO KANO of Tokyo (Kodokan Jiu-do); KUMON HOSHINO of Kumomoto (Shiten Ryu); TAKAYOSHI KATAYAMA of Kagawa (Yoshin Ryu); YAZO EGUCHI of Kumamoto (Kyushin Ryu); MASAMIZU INAZU of Kyoto (Miura Ryu).

    (Back row, left to right): YOSHIMAKI YAMASHITA of Tokyo (Kodokan Jiu-do); HAJIMA ISAGAO of Kyoto (Kodokan Jiu-do); SAKUGIRO YOKOYAMA of Tokyo (Kodokan Jiu-do); SHUICHI NAGAOKA of Kyoto (Kodokan Jiu-do); SHIKATARO TAKANO of Okayama (Takeouchi Ryu); MATAEMON TANABE of Himeiji (Fusen Ryu); KOTARO IMEI of Okayama (Takeouchi Ryu); HOKEN SATO of Kyoto (Kodokan Jiu-do); HIKOSABURO OSHIMA of Kagawa (Takeouchi Ryu); MOGICHI TSUMIYZU of Wakayama (Sekiguchi Ryu); KEHEI AOYAGI of Fukuoka (Sosuishi Ryu)

    Conclave of leading Jiu Jitsuka at the Dai Nihon Butokukai in Kyoto on July 24th 1906 to formulate the official katas to be used by Kodokan jiu jitsuka (judoka).

    The fourteenth inheritor of Sosuishi-ryu, Kibei Masanori Aoyagi attended a meeting at the Dai Nihon Butokukai in Kyoto on the 24th July, 1906, together with a conclave of leading ju jutsu masters. This meeting was called by Jigoro Kano, the founder of Kodokan judo to gain permission to use the techniques of these schools for the synthesis of Kodokan judo and the formulation of the official katas. The fourteenth inheritor, Kibei Masanori Aoyagi contributed the 68 movements of Kime no Kata (Sosuishi-ryu kata), and from these movements, twenty techniques were selected for the official formation of the "Kodokan Kime no Kata" Kibei Masanori Aoyagi was a foundation member of the Kodokan judo Institute.

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    Kime no kata history  Empty Re: Kime no kata history

    Post by NBK Wed Mar 09, 2016 11:49 am

    Kime no Kata was not decided at this conclave. The various jujutsu masters could not agree on what to include. Kime no Kata was a Kodokan only invention, unlike Nage and Katame no Kata, both adopted by this committee and recommended to and adopted by the Butokukai for common instruction.

    I have been told by a practitioner of Sosuishitsu ryu that some of the Kime no Kata techniques are not from his school. No one is quite certain about the origin of several of its kata, but surely there are common moves throughout several schools.

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