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    Japan University Judo


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    Japan University Judo Empty Japan University Judo

    Post by SuperJudo12345 Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:32 pm

    Hi everyone,

    As part of Japan's relatively new G30 global program in universities, international students can study in Japan and get their degree in English in various fields of study. As a member of the university, you can also join their judo club. I am a 17 year old competitive judoka from Canada, and I have been looking at a few different universities in Japan to attend. Recently, me and my family visited Tsukuba University and got a tour during our family vacation, however my family wasn't very impressed with the campus and dormitories, as they are old and run down. I know Tsukuba is know for their Judo program, however I'm fairly sure that every university in Japan has a strong team to train with. I have also been looking at Osaka University, Nagoya University, and Waseda (although it is quite pricey at Waseda). Does anyone know what the Judo is like at these universities? Is it high level? Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Japan University Judo Empty Re: Japan University Judo

    Post by jkw Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:09 am

    A quick note - it is not at all the case that every Japanese university has a strong judo team.

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    Japan University Judo Empty UNIVERSITY OF TSUKUBA

    Post by noboru Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:21 pm


    More interesting links:
    Winning Report by University of Tsukuba Judo Club Members

    Training and Studying at Tsukuba University, Part II

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    Japan University Judo Empty IBU

    Post by noboru Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:25 pm


    IBU Special Course, Budo Specialization Program
    The Budo Specialization Program is an important expression of IBU's mission to contribute to the international proliferation of Budo culture. Inaugurated in 1994, the Budo Specialization Program was envisioned to assist Judo- and Kendo-developing countries by providing one year of immersive training in Budo teaching methodology, theory and practice to twenty foreign Budo practitioners. In addition to Budo-related seminars, the curriculum includes intensive Japanese language classes intended to impart a level of language proficiency adequate for rich participation in University classes, club activities and campus life. Elective classes in traditional Japanese arts, such as shodo (calligraphy), kado (flower arrangement), and sado (tea ceremony), are available to Special Course students once a week. Judo and Kendo club practices occur twice daily, morning and afternoon (weekends excepted).

    The course is limited to 20 students. Prospective applicants must have at least completed high school (or its equivalent). On-campus student housing for admitted students is provided at the Matsumae Memorial International Exchange Hall. The term of study is one year, beginning April 1st and ending March 31st of the following year. Completion of the one-year course (26 course credits) culminates in a Certificate of Completion.

    Budo Specialization Program graduates who wish to continue their studies and training at IBU have the option to re-matriculate at the undergraduate or graduate level.

    Judo Faculty

    柏崎 克彦
    KASHIWAZAKI Katsuhiko

    越野 忠則
    KOSHINO Tadanori
    Associate Professor

    矢﨑 利加
    YAZAKI Rika
    Associate Professor

    大島 修次
    OSHIMA Shuji
    Assistant Professor

    岡本 健二郎
    OKAMOTO Kenjiro

    Some of mine kendo friends spent here one year - good place for training and learning of japanese language.

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    Japan University Judo Empty Tokai University Judo Club

    Post by noboru Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:05 pm

    Tokai University Judo Club

    Tokai couches

    English info:

    It was alma matter for Kosei Inoue and more more good judokas, Yasuhiro Yamashita is one from teachers.

    Last judo practice at Tokai

    At the beginning of practice, I was asked to stand in front of everyone as I received a judo gui, a towel from Tokai, a beautiful album (with messages written by all the girls in it) and a graduation teddy bear. I felt touched that they went to so much trouble to do all that for me. The girls all told me that they will never forget me. A lot of foreigners come to practice at Tokai but they'll usually stay for a few days, a week, or sometimes a month. But I practiced with them for a year. And I also learned Japanese so I was able to communicate with them more and more as the year advanced. Communication was probably the biggest factor in the equation. If you can't communicate, it's hard to get closer to someone. I also went to cheer on the girls at competitions and took part in training camps, which most of the foreigners don't do. So that set me apart as well.

    I'm really glad I joined the judo club at Tokai. All the girls are great and have helped me a lot over the year, cheering me on and teaching me a few things here and there. But there were also difficults moments as well. When I first came, I didn't understand much and the girls didn't know me yet, so they didn't really talk to me. I got thrown a lot in the few weeks... and the teachers didn't seem to really pay attention to me or show the intention of teaching me anything. Even just differentiating one girl from another was difficult. But, as the months passed, slowly, the girls started to engage in conversations with me and the coaches started to teach me, correcting a few mistakes in my techniques. Looking back, I think the first few weeks were kind of like a test to see if I was tough enough, to see if I could handle it. I guess I passed the test Wink

    A big turning point was when Shirase Sensei told me to sit along with the Tokai girls (when we bow at the beginning and end of practice), instead of where the foreigners and athletes from other universities sit when they come to practice. They recognized at that moment that I was different from other foreigners and my status went to being an "outsider" to an "insider".

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    Japan University Judo Empty Kodokan Judo Insitute

    Post by noboru Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:07 pm

    Kodokan Judo Insitute

    Adult Division
    For youth and adults. The members of this division can practice freely between the hours of Monday to Friday from 4pm to 8pm, on Saturday from 4pm to 7:30pm.
    Instructors with experience in national and international championships are responsible for training.


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    Japan University Judo Empty Re: Japan University Judo

    Post by overthehill Thu May 12, 2016 1:03 pm

    tsukuba is one of the top clubs in the world.
    like you said, the facilities are not the greatest since it is a public university.
    unless you are world-class, good luck getting time in the weight room and randori with their top members.

    waseda is also excellent, though not on the same level as the top universities in Japan.
    still, they always have at least a few top players. they currently have no one on the national team.

    nagoya and osaka - both of these schools are not well known for judo. both have great academics though.

    you are deciding between 3 public universities and one of the most expensive private universities in Japan. The public universities you mentioned will offer a better education and a fraction of the price.

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    Japan University Judo Empty Re: Japan University Judo

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