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    Juniors MMA - Pankration


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    Juniors MMA - Pankration Empty Juniors MMA - Pankration

    Post by Ricebale Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:41 pm


    I meant to post this on the old forum but that became disfinctional.

    A quick match from one of my guys (in the green singlet) having his first Juniors match after 6 months training. Juniors means no head strikes or heel hooks but otherwise all other viable submissions and moves.

    I was happy he stuck to the game plan which was to achieve high amplitude throws and land into side control.

    He uses a nice Morote Gari in the 80's Judo fashion and also a nice De Ashi Barai variation, the theory is to teach hard ippon style takedowns and use that to achieve submission. His opponent studies BJJ and kickboxing and has had a few matches in BJJ and this rule type before, he achieved a good position on my guy for a while.

    Anyhow enjoy.

    Better kids fighting safely here than unsafely elsewhere IMO.


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