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    another unknown Kano essay


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    another unknown Kano essay Empty another unknown Kano essay

    Post by NBK Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:00 pm

    After years of serious research, I'm surprised that I still regularly find heretofore unknown, uncatalogued essays and articles by Kano shihan. Some pop up in odd places, others have been documented but misunderstood, others are found in unusual places and venues. He really was much a more prolific writer than most people realize, I think.

    The 'newest' I recently found, over 100 yrs old, is an interesting essay advising how to be successful in life. Main points:
    1) Be resolutely stalwart
    2) (Have) A sense of autonomy
    3) (Understand) Theory versus reality
    4) Collect your spirit

    Interesting stuff!

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