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    Tenjin Shinto ryu jujusu summer camp in Great Britain


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    Tenjin Shinto ryu jujusu summer camp in Great Britain Empty Tenjin Shinto ryu jujusu summer camp in Great Britain

    Post by noboru Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:49 am

    Tenyokai organization makes the summer gasshuku every year. For year 2018 remains last 10 participants places. It could be interesting for anyone judoka, who want to find judo roots or start to study any koryu jujutsu under qualified teachers.

    Here is facebook event for 2018 Gasshuku.

    国際 夏合宿
    This will be the annual open summer Gasshuku of the Tenyokai International.
    This is of particular interest to Jujutsu,Aikido, Judo,Wado Ryu practioners and those interested in the old samurai ways.

    Tenjin Shinyo Ryu,Jujutsu,Koryu.
    Teaching will be by the only Non Japanese Menkyo Kaiden of Tenjin Shinyo Ryu, Paul Masters Shike assisted by Lee Masters, Menkyo Kaiden and Anthony Masters, Mokuroku.

    Training times

    Friday 14:00p.m-17:00p.m
    Saturday 10a.m-17p.m

    Sunday Training/Grading
    Tenyokai International members only

    Training Prices
    Friday £30
    Saturday £40
    Both days £60

    Tenyokai International members £60 for the 3 days.

    Places are limited.

    Contact us for further information.

    To secure a position on this prestigious event and avoid disappointment send your non refundable deposit of 50% of the training cost via Paypal to tenyokaiintl@gmail.com or email us and we will send you an invoice.

    Please do not click going if your intentions are not genuine.

    For more info you can look at their FCB or website.

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