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    Judo song(s) Empty Judo song(s)

    Post by cuivien Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:26 pm

    If one simply types in "Judo song" in Google, one will (amongst other things) find a link to JudoInfo giving the English translation to the song 『柔道の歌』jûdô no uta, made by Mifune 10.dan in 1953. It goes to the song called 『野ばら』nô-bara (something like "wild rose") created by 山田耕作 Yamada Kôsaku (1886-1965).
    Here follow the Japanese and English (translation copyright judoinfo.com):


    不断の稽古に邪念なく 心は虚しく 身も軽しい
    中心帰一のことわりを 忘れず励まん ひとすぢに
    これぞまことの わが柔道 わが柔道

    百練千磨の功を積み 七転八起の妙を得ん
    解脱の奥義を悟りなば 変応自在の球となる
    これぞまことの わが柔道 わが柔道

    柔の道には国境なく 和らぐ心に敵はなし
    世界の友らと手を組みて 樹てばや平和の理想郷
    これぞまことの わが柔道 わが柔道

    A Song of Judo
    by Kyuzo Mifune

    In time of practice, without distraction,
    light in heart and light in limb.
    Let us endeavor with full attention,
    to concentrate our mind within.
    This is the genuine way of Judo.
    This is the genuine way of Judo.

    Trained through practice to perfection,
    skilled in the art of rise and fall.
    Let us enter the way of salvation,
    freely moving like a ball.
    This is the genuine way of Judo.
    This is the genuine way of Judo.

    The way of Judo knows no bound,
    the mild of heart no enmity.
    Let us, all nations hand in hand,
    build the ideal of amity.
    This is the genuine way of Judo.
    This is the genuine way of Judo.

    However, there is another "judo song". This one is older, much older, as it is published in the book Jûdô dated 1902.

    天つ神 世に荒御魂(あらみたま) 和御魂(にきみたま) なごみなごめば
    和御魂(にきみたま) 降しゝ時ゆ 雲霽れて 空かぎろひて
    柔(やわら)の道あり 霞棚引く
    荒御魂(あらみたま) あらびあらべば 荒御魂(あらみたま) 山川草木
    地震ふりて 疾風(はやて)起りて ごよもして 建(たけ)速(はや)そゝる
    霹?鳴る 素(す)蓋(?の)雄(ての)神(かみ)
    和御魂(にきみたま) 射向ふ神に  建(たけ)速(はや)日(ひ) そゝれ大丈夫
    面勝ちて 利速そゝる  勝(かつ)速(はや)日(ひ) きほへ大丈夫
    大(おお)宮(みや)靈(びの)神(かみ)  柔の道に
    現身に 荒御魂(あらみたま)憑り  面合はゞ 人に面勝て
    和御魂(にきみたま) 憑りて柔の そゝり勝て 蹶(たお)れば蹶速
    道玆に立つ  搏ちなば 搏速

    If someone with access to a better copy than mine could assist with the missing character (it looks to have the 雨 ame radical, but can't make out the rest), I'd be very happy Razz Razz
    I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I understand this completely, because honestly I don't, but I'll give some starting points and very poor attempts of translation of the first three lines, then maybe we can figure out things together. So let's start.

    天つ神 世に荒御魂(あらみたま)      和御魂(にきみたま) なごみなごめば
    First of all, the 荒御魂 and 和御魂 are die-hard Shinto concepts which refers to the spirit of either a kami or a deceased person. Mootori Norinaga postulated that the spirit, or mitama, consisted of several independent souls. The ara-mitama, literally "crude honorable soul", and the nigi-mitama "harmonious honorable soul" are diametrical opposites.
    The Encyclopedia of Shinto at Kokugakuin have entries on both of these, here's the link to the first: http://eos.kokugakuin.ac.jp/modules/xwords/entry.php?entryID=1180
    The next phrase, なごみなごめば, points to the verb 和む "to soften; to calm down". This makes sense, seeing that one usually calms down the ara-mitama by proper rites etc, making the nigi-mitama appear.
    "Heavenly Kami, for the ara-mitama in the world; calm down and bring out the nigi-mitama"

    和御魂 降しゝ時ゆ      雲霽れて 空かぎろひて
    霽 is a non-standard way of writing 晴, which makes up the verb "(weather; sky) to clear up; to stop raining; to be dispelled"
    So something like "When the nigi-mitama descends, the clouds clear away and the sky opens"

    柔(やわら)の道あり         霞棚引く
    The character usually seen as jû in "our" context is specifically given the reading yawara.
    霞 means that something is "blurry; foggy; clouded".
    棚 is a ledge, mantle or a shelf
    引く is a verb with lots of different meanings, most commonly "to pull; to draw; to attract; to consult/to look up"
    "The way of yawara (jû); clearing the fog from the ledge"

    oh, I've attached a .png of the text. That's about as large as I can make my copy before it turns unreadable... Sad
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