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    De Herdt sensei Empty De Herdt sensei

    Post by Nagaoka Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:58 pm


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    De Herdt sensei Empty Re: De Herdt sensei

    Post by Stacey Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:55 am

    I use Google Translate. You can type in a web site and it will translate from one language to another.

    The martial arts world is in mourning and mourning the loss of a great judoka. A pioneer, warrior, several times champion of France and Europe. He is the first to wobble Japanese Judo, he got his black belt in judo in 1940 ....

    He was Rokudan Judo and Chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur.

    It is our great champion, a true Sensei Jean DE HERDT. He died January 5, 2013 at the age of 89 years. It is part of those for whom I have boundless admiration, a deep respect. It is a great loss to the world of Budo and Judo and Jujutsu particularly.

    In 1936 I think it starts in the JUJUTSU with his father brings the Franco-Japanese Club led by Master Kawaishi. It is the 21st student enrolled and when the Master returns to Japan Kawaishi order of his Government, that is both stronger black belts he says the club: John and Jean DE HERDT BEAUJEAN. Our two guys are commonly up the first championship of France Black Belts in Paris in 1943. Just before, in 1942, Jean DE HERDT creates the first group of "College of Black Belts."

    It was creative and many Judo clubs in France, Belgium, Spain, Holland, North Africa and Cuba are by him. Sensei Luis GUARDIA (member DNBK France), great Cuban judoka not contradict me. Or Sensei Pedro DABAUZA (DNBK Spain) and Serge MERLET, my ​​longtime friend, who knew him well. OF HERDT created the federation including the President will Bonet-Maury. And the "Conservatoire du Judo French" or Pioneers Association of French Judo, etc..

    In 1938, Jigoro Kano came to France to teach new techniques. This is Jean De HERDT which serves as partner. It is thus the only French to have had this privilege. It was one of the last opponents of Jigoro Kano, the latter dying shortly after his trip to France.

    Other charts, it is only to resist and get a draw against the Japanese champion of the day, Toshiro DAIGO. A fight over 20 minutes VEL D'HIV to more than 16 000 spectators! Since it is recognized by Japan as the first Westerner to have been wavering Empire. Which is sad? In his own words, the federal government of the time French had yielded to pressure Japan for not participating in competitions world or Olympic. What a shame .... But already?

    He also taught judo at Anton GEEZINK, the Dutch champion. He also helped revitalize the Dutch Judo. Among many other things.

    After a period of restoration of old buildings, attracted by the country, he retired with his wife in the Yonne, becoming a farmer, which business takes a lot of time and which, together with health problems, make Jean DE HERDT leaves Judo in 2004.

    I do not know him that Jujutsu instructor I had as a kid in the DYNAM INSTITUTE. We were registered with my brother. I had the opportunity to meet great judo and my child's eyes sparkled at their technicality. It is their images that I had in mind at the Judo Championship TENSHINKAI I won by ippon. I keep his card in his handwriting and I'll put some here. That of his portrait.

    I take this opportunity to introduce to his family, relatives, all my most respectful condolences. A Master disappears and it is a piece of history fades. May he rest in peace. I have only one regret, not having seen and have known too late for the farewell ceremony. I will never forget such a man. Gassho.

    my condolences.

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