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    New Rule: Ippon is Ippon - Or is it?


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    New Rule: Ippon is Ippon - Or is it? Empty New Rule: Ippon is Ippon - Or is it?

    Post by FightingSpirit Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:20 am

    Ok Ippon is Ippon – no more rolling Ippons – got it – no problem… The question is are we now also changing the interpretation of “largely on his/her back” with the new rules as well?
    ARTICLE 20 - Ippon
    a.- When a contestant with control throws the other contestant largely on his back with considerable force and speed.
    “A throw ending with an opponent largely on his/her back, demonstrating full control, having such amplitude that the feet of the player receiving the action leave the tatami (the contest mat); the back does not necessarily have to touch, it is the exposure that is considered by the referees. Landing in a bridge will score ippon, even though there was no direct contact of the shoulder blades with the mat.”
    A couple years ago a high ranking official/referee attended a coaches meeting for a national level competition and for the first time I thought I was witness to the most comprehensive explanation of how “largely on his/her back” should be judged and interpreted.
    He proceeded to explain that when control is demonstrated along with considerable force and speed resulting in the first impact of uke’s body impacting upon the mat being ‘largely upon his back’ it is Ippon.
    He went on to clarify and emphasize the most important point in understanding is that the part of the back/body that has the immediate impact with the mat is not limited in size/diameter/circumference. He went on to explain that the entirety of the back should be seen as a target, with the analogy that any shot impact upon that target is considered a score. The translation being that a throw demonstrating control, force and speed where one single shoulder blade is the first impact upon the mat should be Ippon...
    Unfortunately, at a recent coaches and referees meeting preceding another national level event the head referee referred to ‘largely on his back’ as pertaining to a large size of the back...
    Which interpretation is correct: largely on his back refers to size; or it refers to impact of the body onto the mat being largely on his back vs side?

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    New Rule: Ippon is Ippon - Or is it? Empty Re: New Rule: Ippon is Ippon - Or is it?

    Post by judoratt Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:11 am

    As I understand the new rule Ippon has been up graded, there needs to be a definate impact and more back exposure. The problem we have localy is that 25% of the referees have it 1/4 are getting there, 1/4 may get there. and 1/4 probably never will get there. We have had three local events with the new rules and the local referees are getting better each event. Funny how I compliment the referees it must be April fools day or something. Surprised Shocked

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