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    Reports and results of the 2013 European Judo Championships in Budapest

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    Reports and results of the 2013 European Judo Championships in Budapest Empty Reports and results of the 2013 European Judo Championships in Budapest

    Post by Cichorei Kano Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:49 am

    News and reports about the results of the ongoing 2013 European Judo Championships in Budapest can be found on the EJU website. Among the hot news so far is the early departure of Iliadis who was already sent home in the 1/16th rounds (2nd round). Riner secured his third European title (after 2007 and 2011). Riner and Lucie Louette from France so far have been about the only significant exceptions to championships so far being entirely dominated by a handful of Eastern European countries, with particularly Georgia standing out, followed by Slovenia, Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania, Hungary. Current judo rules seem to favor styles frequently popular in these countries.


    Live reports and contests can be watched on the special Internet channel, and results are present from here:


    Among other news, one notices the somewhat peculiar situation of athlete Majlinda Kelmendi who rather than representing a European country is listed as representing the IJF ...: http://www.ippon.org/eju_sen2013.php?nation=&language=en&hash=1343319d434ee0e53a0d88fb6249f7e9 (have to go to the name of the athlete)

    Judo Inside also lists her citizenship as ... 'IJF': http://www.judoinside.com/judoka/view/42942/

    She is from Kosovo, but news reports indicate political problems and make reference to supposedly IOC president Jacques Rogge having resisted her representation for this country during the 2012 Olympics. Instead, she represented Albania:


    I am assuming that the fact that she is featured now as 'IJF' rather than Albania is a way to circumvent the political issues, although I am not entirely sure under what statutory exception the IJF was able to craft this out.

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