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    Post by Jonesy Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:38 am

    Joshi (Judo) goshinho (Methods of[Judo] Self-Defence for Women)

    The creation of the Joshi goshinho was ordered by Jiro Nango, the second President of the Kodokan in 1943, and was completed by a technical team of experts within the Institute. The kata, though officially recognized by the Kodokan, has never gained great popularity, not in Japan and even less so abroad, and it is usually omitted from lists of kata or from judo textbooks

    Joshi goshinho is designed specifically for females and takes into account the types of attacks of which they are usually are the victim. It includes a number of escapes from holds and grabs, some basic striking techniques, and one throw.  There are eighteen named individual self-defence techniques divided into two categories: Tandoku dosa (or solo exercises) and Aitai-dosa (or partnered exercises) as follows:

    Tandoku dosa (Solo exercises)

    Tai-sabaki (Methods of Body Turns)
    · Tai-no-ido (Body movement)
    · Tsugi-ashi (Following foot)
    · Migi-sabaki, Hidari-sabaki (Right and left movement)
    · Migi-mae-sabaki, Hidari-mae-sabaki (Right and left forward movement)
    · Migi-harai, Hidari-harai (Right and left sweep)
    · Migi-maware, Hidari-maware (Right and left turn about)
    · Mae-shizume, Migi-shizume, Hidari-shizume (Front, right and left sinking down)
    · Hiza-ate (knee strike)

    Aitai dosa (Partnered exercises)

    Ridatsu-ho (Methods of Escapes)
    · Kata-te-tekubi-dori (Single hand wrist hold)
    · Ryo-te-kata-te-dori (Double hand wrist hold)
    · Shishi-gyaku-dori (Reverse four finger hold)
    · Ude-kakae-dori (Arm wrap hold)
    · Ushiro-dori (Rear hold)

    Seigo-ho (Aggressive Defence Methods)
    · Ude-gyaku-dori (Reverse arm hold)
    · Ushiro-eri-dori (Rear collar hold)
    · Ushiro-kubi-himo-jime (Rear neck rope choke)
    · Ushiro-dori (Rear hold)
    · Kyohaku-dori (Frontal hold)

    Please post all questions, videos etc pertaining to the Kodokan Joshi goshinho in this area.

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