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    Itsutsu-no-kata Empty Itsutsu-no-kata

    Post by Jonesy Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:13 pm

    Itsutsu-no-kata 五の形 (Kata of Five Principles)

    The Itsutsu-no-kata was established in 1887 and is a "higher" theoretical kata that forms the basis of Kodokan Judo.  Although popular media generally claims that it was developed by Jigoro Kano, recent research has conclusively shown that the kata pre-dates the foundation of Kodokan Judo and that Kano took it from pre-existing koryu kata - merely importing it into judo after making some minor amendments.

    There are no names for the five specific techniques (expression of principles) therein, but the Itsutsu-no-kata expresses the concepts of attack and defence in movements evocative of natural phenomena (forces) - a sort of “judo-physics”.  In this sense the kata can also be considered as the kata of “motional principles” and regarded as a physical manifestation of the “philosophical mind” of judo.  It can therefore be appreciated from an artistic or aesthetic point of view.

    Please post all questions, videos etc pertaining to the Itsutsu-no-kata in this area.

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