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    New judo film premier: L'Oro di Scampia (The Gold of Scampia)


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    New judo film premier: L'Oro di Scampia (The Gold of Scampia) Empty New judo film premier: L'Oro di Scampia (The Gold of Scampia)

    Post by idealab Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:32 am

    Judo fans, finally a new judo film is released.

    Directed by an Italian director Peppe Fiorello, "L'oro di Scampia" (The Gold of Scampia) is inspired by a true story. Scampia is the organized crime-infested neighborhood infamous for its open market drug trade (see the book "Gomorrah"), and that's where Gianni Maddaloni has his judo club Star Judo Club. It's a story about their struggle to bring positive changes to the neighborhood through judo against the deeply entrenched criminal mentality (local organized crimed groups known as the "camorra", or the Neapolitan version of the mafia). By teaching judo to children, Master Maddaloni shows them an alternate path to a life of criminality, and give them a productive and positive outlet to spend their free time to learn about respect, discipline and honor. Through hard work and luck, Master Maddaloni persisted in leading his elder son Giuseppe "Pino" Maddaloni to an Olympic gold medal of -73kg category in 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Not many judo movies are made, so it is significant, and more so given the background story. To learn about about Star Judo Club, visit their official web site. They are also in need of donation to support their non-profit activity to continue the fight against criminality.

    Official RAI web site of L'Oro di Scampia

    An English version of the film may come out on DVD or Blu-Ray in few months.

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