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    Post by Reinberger Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:54 am

    This Sunday, we had our regional Viennese jūjutsu ("Jiu Jitsu") championships. One student of our club won the title in his -77 kg class of the so called "fighting system". He, a gokyū, who only started to practice in 2012 and earned his yellow belt last June, at his second tournament not only managed to defeat the reigning Viennese champion of this class, an ikkyū at least, but was also able to beat another ikkyū by "full ippon" (that means, that he achieved at least one full point in each of the three parts: atemi, nagewaza and newaza, which ends the bout). But all that's not the real cause for me to post this here. I actually thought, that perhaps some of you jūdō-people here might enjoy his vigorous kosotogake at 0:38.

    Kind regards, Robert

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