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    webpage about Kyuzo Mifune


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     webpage about Kyuzo Mifune Empty webpage about Kyuzo Mifune

    Post by noboru Thu Jul 17, 2014 7:54 pm

    Here is the link to one interesting japanese webpage about Kyuzo Mifune.

    I tried to translate the name of webpage as: 10.dan Mifune Kyuzo, man - named as God of Judo

    十段 三船久蔵 


    There are some captions from content:

    三船久蔵とは About Mifune Kyuzo
    三船久蔵年表 Mifune Kyuzo chronology
    生まれ Born
    幼少の頃 His childhood
    柔道との出会い Encounter with judo
    段位取得 Rank acquisition
    柔道の研究 Study of judo
    柔道の歌 Song of Judo
    趣味と柔道 Judo and hobbies
    表彰の数々The number of individual awards
    郁子夫人 Mrs. Ikuko
    逸話 Anecdote
    学業 Academic
    四方山話 Yomoyamabanashi
    写真館 Photos - http://www.kuukinage.com/syasin.html - photos of some personal Mifune's objects - calligraphies, suits, judogi, certificates for 10.,8.,7.,6.dan etc.
    三船十段記念館 Mifune Ju-dan Memorial

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     webpage about Kyuzo Mifune Empty Re: webpage about Kyuzo Mifune

    Post by Anatol Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:57 pm

    A Song of Judo
    by Kyuzo Mifune

    In time of practice, without distraction,
    light in heart and light in limb.
    Let us endeavor with full attention,
    to concentrate our mind within.
    This is the genuine way of Judo.
    This is the genuine way of Judo.

    Trained through practice to perfection,
    skilled in the art of rise and fall.
    Let us enter the way of salvation,
    freely moving like a ball.
    This is the genuine way of Judo.
    This is the genuine way of Judo.

    The way of Judo knows no bound,
    the mild of heart no enmity.
    Let us, all nations hand in hand,
    build the ideal of amity.
    This is the genuine way of Judo.
    This is the genuine way of Judo.



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