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    Variations Empty Variations

    Post by finarashi Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:55 pm

    I was intrigued by the differences in Yves Klein's book between current Kodokan version and the version shown there.

    Recently I picked up my copy of "Les Katas complets de Judo" by Kwaishi, self published 1956, 299p. There were more variations!

    After introducing the first series in page 79 The following notes are given;

    First technique is not osaekomi 1 but osaekomi 9. (using Kawaishi Judo, 1956) not kesa-gatame but kuzure-gesa-katame.

    The second technique in second set is described either hadaka-jime or ushiro-jime. Note that the hadaka-jime shown is the old fashioned hadaka-jime with one palm behind the head (similar to Yokoyama & Oshima, 1911) and sown ushiro-jime like modern hadaka-jime (similar to Ohlenkamp 2006).

    My question is can somebody enlighten me when did the hadaka-jime change to current?

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