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    Tokio Hirano Judobook Empty Tokio Hirano Judobook

    Post by finarashi Sat Aug 08, 2015 3:36 am

    Managed to get a copy of booklet by Tokio Hirano; "Judo : Tai-Otoshi" by Hirano Tokio (1922-1993), Antverpen, Netherlands, P.V.B.A. "LUCKY", ND, 36p, PB, 244 x 148 x 3
    The booklet has the same information (text) in English, French, German and Dutch. i.e the text accompanying pictures is shown in four languages.

    What baffles me is the entry in Online publiekscatalogus Koninklijke Bibliotheek
    where we find

    Titel: Judo technique / Tokio Hirano

    Deel / delen: No. 1 (a): [Tai-Otoshi; Ipon Seoi Nage; Morote-Seoi-Nage; O-Soto-Gari; Jiu-Jitsu]

    Auteur: Tokio Hirano

    Jaar: [s.a.]

    Uitgever: [Brugge : Judo Centrum]

    Omvang: 23 p

    Illustratie: ill

    Formaat: 22 cm

    even the basic information differs! How come? I recall a claim that only a single booklet has been written by Tokio Hirano!

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