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    Tadahiro Nomura retires from judo (again)


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    Tadahiro Nomura retires from judo (again) Empty Tadahiro Nomura retires from judo (again)

    Post by idealab Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:05 am

    When I last saw him coming out of retirement to compete internationally for the first time at the
    2013 Swiss Open, I was quite surprised. The final was a close call against his Swiss opponent, who
    was leading until the last 20 seconds when Nomura turned the match around with a seio-osoto-otoshi type
    of throw to win. So hearing about his retirement again is a big surprise:

    OSAKA – Three-time Olympic men’s 60-kg champion Tadahiro Nomura announced his retirement on Monday, saying his body has finally given in.

    “I began to feel my physical limit,” the 40-year-old Nomura said at a news conference. “I’ve done everything I can. I have no regrets.”


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    Tadahiro Nomura retires from judo (again) Empty Re: Tadahiro Nomura retires from judo (again)

    Post by Anatol Sat Sep 05, 2015 10:41 am

    His opponent in the final of swiss open 2013

    Ludovic Chammartin (SUI)

    was European Vice Champion -60kg in 2013 and Bronze Medal Winner 2015  ...

    Nakamura at the Swiss Open in 2013


    Not bad for a 38 year old!

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