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    Jigoro Kano - Kuzushi and Ukigoshi


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    Jigoro Kano - Kuzushi and Ukigoshi Empty Jigoro Kano - Kuzushi and Ukigoshi

    Post by noboru Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:50 am

    On Youtube you can see the now classic video of teaching and demonstrations Jigoro Kano. Below is a link to it.

    I tried to comment on the part of the video, where he teaches Kuzushi and Ukigoshi.


    at the time of 0:14 to 1:37
    Kano sensei shows the principle Kuzushi (breaking the opponent's balance - tilting the balance) and performing Ukigoshi depending on the situation deflection.
    0:14 to 0:18 Kuzushi back and forth
    0:18 to 0:26 Kuzushi through movement and Curio (Collar hand)
    0:26 to 0:31 Kuzushi forward-induced reactions opponent to the previous reverse movement (action-reaction)
    0:32 to 0:37 Kuzusi forward with the help of circular motion (little bit similar principle deflection at Uchimata in Nagenokata)
    0:37 to 0:44 sample entry to him and rotational work the body and hips when you throw in the technique Ukigoshi (like in Nagenokata)
    0:44 to 0:59 Ukigoshi of cross foot working for entry (deflection is accomplished by raising the elbow of uke Tsurite collar hand)
    0:50 - is situation of action-reaction Kuzushi. Kano did short step of right foot to Uke and push to him. Promply he change the pushing to polling and lift up hand of Uke and continues with Ukigoshi.
    0:59 to 1:17 proper body position while Ukigoshi - nice to see a lower center of gravity, upright trunk, close contact
    1:17 to 1:26 Kano pulls Uke's sleeve left forward, Ukigoshi carried to the other side - Kuzushi is formed by a lifted elbow uke (up and forward). In a position to throw the canoe gets cross-foot movement and throwing rotary motion of the trunk of the body and by raising the adversary through one side.
    1:26 to 1:35 Kano shows Ukigoshi of movements in different directions, also outlines the possible implementation of a similar situation as Taniotoshi (behind of Uke)

    Your corrections or discussion are welcomed.

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