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    Post by Karloscz Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:13 pm

    Good morning to everyone.
    Our club is going to upgrade our every year local tournament to international. That is why i m looking for complet software system. We have been using good old paperwork but with 400+ competitors it seems to be really difficult.
    Can anyone please recomend me software system that is able to:
    1) use QR code - so man at weigh station just scans ID of competitor and fill his/hers weight. Software fills the rest - name, club, age, kyu, F/M
    2) with data from weight station separate the categories and determine fight systems regarding number of competitors in each category
    3) divide categories to tatamis and display the sequence of fights at each tatami on remote screen
    4) divide fights to each tatami and keep score at the current ones
    in fact all as we know from bigger tournaments:-)
    Thank you in advance!

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