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    Online Quiz, best option


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    Online Quiz, best option Empty Online Quiz, best option

    Post by Y-Chromosome Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:52 am

    Google forms has a quiz-maker and it can forward the students answers to the instructor and compile results in a spreadsheet.
    Down-side is there is no immediate feedback to the student and grading is manual or you have to separately program the spread-sheet.

    Has anyone used another option?

    Ideally some sort of login to register, results can be forwarded to the instructor and immediate feedback to the student.
    Free is good, but a modest fee would be acceptable if there were some added value.

    Also hoping to have a site with some long-term security so I don't have to re-do this every six months.

    Main use would be a multiple choice quiz on Japanese terminology in judo.

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