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    New Judo Canada Syllabus


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    New Judo Canada Syllabus Empty New Judo Canada Syllabus

    Post by Y-Chromosome Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:02 am

    See link for new syllabus:

    English:  http://www.judocanada.org/system/the-2017-version-of-the-grading-syllabus/

    En Français : http://www.judocanada.org/system/fr/le-syllabus-des-grades/

    Big changes in the material to be covered.  No longer need the full list of Go Kyo and Shimmeisho for shodan and nidan. They appear to have adopted the three-step breakdown that been implemented in Quebec over the last couple of years.

    It also looks like shiai and kata competition are to be treated equally as points options but the way the requirements are worded in the summary table at § 4.5.1 p. 24 seems inconsistent with the detail pages in 5 to 12.

    Unclear if younger candidates can use kata comp and shiai interchangeably nor if older candidates can use competition and technical interchangeably.

    They also appear to have omitted Uchi Maki-Komi. Possibly confusion between Uchi Maki-Komi and the similarly named but very differently executed Uchi-Mata Maki-Komi at the time of editing.

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