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    A Japanese Budō-delegation in Austria


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    A Japanese Budō-delegation in Austria Empty A Japanese Budō-delegation in Austria

    Post by Reinberger on Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:27 pm

    On the occasion of the anniversary '150 years of friendship between Japan and Austria' a Japanese budō-delegation gave two demonstrations and workshops in and near Vienna last weekend. Here is the video I took last Friday. Six minutes of Jūdō start at 0:45:00.

    The whole content includes:

    0:00:00   Welcome and presentation of gifts            
    0:02:32    I. LECTURE
    0:16:58   II. DEMONSTRATION
    0:16:58       1. Kyūdō  弓道
    0:22:21       2. Shibukawa Ryū Jūjutsu  渋川流柔術
    0:26:24       3. Naginata  薙刀    
    0:33:05       4. Shōrinji Kempō  少林寺拳法  
    0:39:09       5. Jūkendō  銃剣道    
    0:45:00       6. Jūdō  柔道    
    0:50:50       7. Gōjū Ryū Karatedō  剛柔流空手道  
    0:56:08       8. Nitō Shinkage Ryū Kusarigamajutsu  二刀神影流鎖鎌術  
    1:01:45       9. Kendō  剣道  
    1:07:40     10. Aikidō  合氣道  
    1:13:20     11. Shojitsuken Rikata Ichi Ryū Katchu Battōjutsu  初實剣理方一流甲冑抜刀術
    1:19:20     12. Sumō  相撲
    1:25:33  III. WORKSHOP

    Kind regards, Robert

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    A Japanese Budō-delegation in Austria Empty Re: A Japanese Budō-delegation in Austria

    Post by Jihef on Fri Dec 27, 2019 1:20 am

    Thanks ! santa

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