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    Seionage on Shoulder


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    Seionage on Shoulder Empty Seionage on Shoulder

    Post by gester Sun Oct 02, 2022 5:10 pm

    Why is uke’s arm on top of tori’s shoulder in KNK, but in practice it is taught that uke’s arm is pinned to the side of the upper arm?
    It is for some historical reason?

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    Seionage on Shoulder Empty Re: Seionage on Shoulder

    Post by sodo Sun Oct 09, 2022 2:06 am


    in Nage-No-Kata you are learning, practising and demonstrating the principles involved in the technique, in practice things almost never work out as in theory. Variations occur through physical restrictions, body types (and differences) of Uke and Tori, grip, fashion, effectivity and most important of all opportunity.

    See it like this, NNK is the basic standard model, other versions are the supped up version, which may be fantastic or a bodge job depending on the skill of the technician :-)



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