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    Summary of the 2012 Kodokan Summer Kata Course


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    Summary of the 2012 Kodokan Summer Kata Course Empty Summary of the 2012 Kodokan Summer Kata Course

    Post by Jonesy Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:55 pm

    A nice summary by Ronald Désormeaux of the 2012 Kodokan Summer Kata Course:

    Kodokan Pilgrimage

    Photographs from the Kodokan website here: 2012 Kodokan Summer Kata Course Photographs

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    Summary of the 2012 Kodokan Summer Kata Course Empty nice report, thank you

    Post by noboru Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:03 am

    Nice report. thank you. This text is valuable for me.

    I like the the part Closing comments
    Closing comments
    The international Kodokan kata course has proven to be a solid activity for creating and solidifying our purpose of continuing self-improvement and to pursue our engagement towards the international Kodokan judo community.
    Individually or collectively, the kata have highlighted the need to improve our abilities to focus on the moment; to develop a better awareness of our surroundings; to improve our time management; to enhance our judgement in the use of space and make the right decision when facing difficult situations. We were once again reminded of the four options before us r observe, to analyse or discuss, to judge or distract and to disarm or act diligently.
    During this concentrated training session, we were able to appreciate all the overhaul performances, dissect individual techniques along the triumvirate essentials of Kuzushi, Tsukuri and Kake to better observe the natural principles at work and how the harmony and complementary of all the parts make for an effective technique.

    The study of kata may well represent a potential obstacle to many judo beginners anxious to attain short term competitive results. The quest to pursue their study and comprehension is imperative as the kata analysis and performance are “the clef devoute” to better understand the mechanisms and real meanings of judo.
    Let us not be discouraged by the amount of efforts needed to decompose and reconstruct individual movements or by the length of time our individual journey will necessitate to present a harmonious and logical demonstration. The beauty in kata cannot be exposed in the few hours of training needed for promotional purposes.
    Along our training path, there is bound to be different opinions and interpretation by teachers and colleagues, yet, the truth or the principle of each technique will remain permanently engraved in our mind.
    Let us close with the remarks of Jigoro Kano as captured on page 140 in the book “Mind over Muscle” by sensei Naoki Murata: “It is not good to pursue only what interests you. If something is beneficial, you should practice it regardless of how little it interests you. Your immediate interest cannot be used to your permanent benefit.”
    Our devotion to practice kata as often as possible and our desire to experiment with each one will be our allies.
    Have a good practice.

    Ronald Désormeaux
    Judo Teacher,
    Hart House Dojo, University of Toronto
    August 2012

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