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    Forget underpants ... how about undershirts?


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    Forget underpants ... how about undershirts? Empty Forget underpants ... how about undershirts?

    Post by BillC on Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:49 am

    Have been wanting to suggest this topic for some time ... now that it appears that pictures can actually be posted on this forum I can actually act on that impulse.

    The subject is favorite judo t-shirts. Anyone in judo for any length of time probably has at least an entire drawer full of them. Which are your favorites and why? Is it a particular design or color? Is there a nice memory associated with it? Post a snapshot and tell us a story.

    I'll start. Here's my favorite t-shirt, it commemorates a local tournament I played at in 1995. Appropriate to the calendar, it was to be the "oshogatsu" tournament for the state that year ... even though it was delayed until March.

    I like it because ...
    - Rich Keating ended up with the coolest career-ending shoulder dislocation I have ever seen ... not a happy memory but a strong one;
    - The late Pita Sunia threw Bryan Leininger off the mat with the hugest uranage I have ever seen ... unfortunately this was before the dynamic edge rule ... I still miss Pita BTW;
    - I like simple designs on t-shirts, save the loud stuff for neckties and socks, and I like dark colors that don't show spills of mustard or salsa;
    - It doesn't scream "I am wearing a martial arts t-shirt so be careful I am going to kick your ass" ...
    - It's only recognizable to other judo players and/or people who know what oshogatsu is;
    - It has lasted in good shape with regular wearing since 1995 ... an excellent investment.

    Forget underpants ... how about undershirts? 07812

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    Forget underpants ... how about undershirts? Empty Re: Forget underpants ... how about undershirts?

    Post by ThePieman on Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:10 pm

    Nice t-shirt!

    Just trying to disable picture posting in the thread next door before you get round to posting there also! affraid

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